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Their beautiful smile makes all the worries disappear- An Unconditional bond of parents.

KUMAR SAURABH | Nation1 Voice

Updated on : January 06, 2022

Their beautiful smile makes all the worries disappear- An Unconditional bond of parents.

Transformation is an inevitable part of nature, and to win one needs to be flexible enough to adjust accordingly. We have made many changes in our personal life to improve ourselves. So, why not do the same in professional life as well? 
PR 24x7 has come forward with an initiative to bring a revolutionary change in the corporate industry. 
Conventionally, in corporate sectors, the hot chatter is about the refinement of professional life. Whereas individuals are in the hustle to reach the peak of their career, they are departing behind the most important lessons of life. Therefore, along with professional life, companies should focus on supporting the employees to understand the value of family. 
We are talking about such an invaluable and incomparable personality, who has led us to where we are today. We are talking about the parents, who sacrifice their happiness and dreams to build a world for their children. To appreciate and honor their sacrifice and love, the country’s leading PR firm, PR 24x7 recently celebrated parenthood in the 10th edition of their annual event, Udaan 2022. This brings up a wink for youngsters to oversee their parents performing exceptionally. Consequently, juveniles also tried hard to make the day memorable for their parents. Significantly, the parents also got an opportunity to live their dreams that were squashed for years under the obligation of responsibilities.
 Putting this initiative paramount, Mr. Atul Malikram, Founder, PR 24x7 says, “Parents proffer their happiness to raise their kid. Their ambitions and passion often take a back seat amid the unending responsibilities they carry. If they can do so much for their children, why can’t the children do something for them? Why only a day? They merit to be pleased every single day - a moment of their life. Corporate should ensure to pass on these values to their employees. They must organize such events frequently to recognize the abandonment of parents.”
Notably, the company has organized many such commendable initiatives in the past like One Day Leave (leave on a menstrual day for women), Didi Kaam Vali (appreciating didis who work in our houses), I Love Birds (feeding birds), Hum hongeKamyaab (to fight against corona), Nani ki Pathshala (learning life lessons from grandparents), and No Plastic Flags (on Independence Day). Suffice to say that PR 24x7 never leaves a stone turned not only for the betterment of their employees but also, to bring a radical change in society.

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